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Table 5 Technical complications

From: Survival and success of implants in a private periodontal practice: a 10 year retrospective study

n = 242
No complication195 (80.6%)
Complications (more than one per implant possible)47 (19.4%)
a) Major complications
 Implant fracture0 (0%)
 Loss of supraconstruction4 (1.7%)
b) Medium complications
 Abutmend fracture1 (0.4%)
 Veneer or framwork fracture10 (4.0%)
 Phonetic complications0 (0%)
c) Minor complications
 Abutmend/screw loosening13 (5.3%)
 De-bonding0 (0%)
 Loss of retention3 (1.2%)
 Minor chipping10 (4.0%)