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Table 1 Details of data sources

From: Oral health problems among palliative and terminally ill patients: an integrated systematic review

Research teamA palliative nurse (MRV)
A dentist (JSD)
A medical doctor (DR) \
A healthcare researcher (ZR)
Data basesSciencedirect, PubMed, Google scholar, Ovid and EBSCOhost
Other resourcesReference list and manual search in key journals
Search timeJanuary 2000 to December 2017
LanguagePrimary studies in English language
Search terms“oral condition” OR “oral disease” OR “dental disease” OR “mouth disease” OR “mouth condition” OR mucositis OR stomatitis OR candidiasis OR cheilitis OR xerostomia OR “periodontal disease” OR halitosis OR thrush OR “angular cheilitis” OR “denture stomatitis” OR gingivitis OR periodontitis OR “mouth ulcer” OR “aphthous ulcer” AND palliative OR terminally-ill OR “terminally ill” OR “advanced disease” OR “advanced illness” OR dying OR end-of-life OR hospice OR cancer AND treatment OR intervention OR therapy OR management OR “oral care” OR “mouth care” OR “dental management” AND “end-of-life care”