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Table 3 Anterior pituitary function test

From: Hypopituitarism manifesting after invasive dental treatment in a patient with carcinoma of the tongue: a case report

 normal valuepre loading15 min30 min45 min60 min90 minnormal reactiondecision
ACTH (pg/mL)7〜569. than diploid number (30–60 min)hyporesponsiveness susp
Cortisol (μg/dL)4〜 than 18 (60 min)hyporesponsiveness
TSH (μIU/mL)0.35〜4.941.292.982.772.513.5–15 (30 min)hyporesponsiveness
PRL (ng/mL)1.4〜 than diploid number (15–30 min)hyporesponsiveness
LH (mIU/mL)0.7〜 times the value (30 min)hyporesponsiveness
FSH (mIU/mL)2.7〜–2.5 times the value (30 min)hyporesponsiveness
GH (ng/mL)0.68〜8.70.401.170.980.700.49more than 9 (15–30 min)hyporesponsiveness
  1. ACTH adrenocrticotropic hormenoe, TSH thyroid-stimulating hormone, PRL prolactin, LH luteinizing hormone, FSH follicle-stimulating hormone, GH growth hormone, pg pico gram, IU international unit, ng: nano gram