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Table 3 Robust regression on PISA; variables were simultaneously input; only patients with complete data were included

From: Periodontal inflamed surface area in patients on haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis: a Croatian cross-sectional study

 bΒtpFDR < 5%rsr
 HD (referent group)       
 PD−526.8−0.53−2.500.017−0.31− 0.50
Confounders that were controlled       
Age (years)−2.0−0.05−0.470.644 −0.00−0.02
Duration of dialysis (months)−0.3−0.03− 0.180.856 0.08−0.12
Number of teeth43.30.775.95< 0.0010.520.74
The last visit to the dentist−13.4−0.11−0.990.327 −0.060.03
 Non-smoker (referent group)       
 Ex-smoker47.30.100.330.744 −0.12−0.11
 Current smoker163.7 0.860.393   
Diabetes mellitus− 418.0−0.43−1.730.092 −0.09−0.26
Duration of diabetes mellitus27.20.411.910.064 −0.080.32
HbA1ca−44.1−0.10−0.690.495 −0.14−0.04
C-reactive protein (mg/L)−9.5−0.28−2.120.041 −0.15−0.42
Kt/V− 494.5−0.36−2.200.034−0.21−0.28
Thrombocytes (109/L)−2.2−0.35−1.800.081 −0.11−0.04
Leukocytes (109/L) −0.06− 0.06
Urea (mmol/L)−4.9−0.06− 0.430.671 0.03−0.15
Phosphorus (mmol/L) 0.070.22
HDL cholesterol (mmol/L)−61.7−0.08−0.380.707 −0.070.01
Antihypertensive therapy
 Beta-blockers−209.4−0.22−1.640.110 0.22−0.19
 Enzyme inhibitors
− 216.5−0.20− 1.660.106 0.070.03
 Central α-2 receptor agents11. 0.160.10
 Angiotensin II AT1-receptor blockers− 159.1−0.11− 1.160.256 0.010.03
 α1-adrenoceptor antagonists− 188.5−0.18−1.470.151 0.10−0.31
  1. Abbreviation: b Unstandardized multivariable robust regression coefficient, β Standardized multivariable robust regression coefficient, t Student’s t-test statistic with n-p-1 degrees of freedom where p is total number of parameters in the model, p two-tailed test, statistical significance of multivariable regression coefficient, FDR False discovery rate of < 5% calculated using the Benjamini-Hochberg method, r zero-order Pearson product-moment correlation with PISA, sr semipartial correlation with PISA after controlling for all other variables, HbA1c Glycated haemoglobin, Kt/V Dialysis adequacy measured as the ratio between dialyser clearance (K) (mL/min) multiplied by time in minutes (t) and volume of water a patient’s body contains, HDL High-density lipoprotein cholesterol
  2. aHbA1c = For participants not diagnosed with diabetes, the HbA1c value was arbitrarily set to 5.0