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Table 1 Cases of myxofibrosarcoma in the maxilla and mandible

From: Myxofibrosarcoma of the mandible: a case report and review of the literature

Case reportAge (years) /SexLocationChief complaintImmunohistochemical featuresDiagnosisTreatmentFollow-up
Nakahara et al. [1]52/MMaxillaCheek discomfort and expansion of the upper right gums for 3 monthsPre-operationmyelin (±), synaptophysin (−), desmin (−), s-100 (−)Inflammation reactionSurgery, post-operative radiotherapyAlive after 17 months
Pre-operationvimentin (+), Alcian blue (±), cytokeratin (−), s-100 (−)MFS
Post-operationvimentin (+), CK AE1/3 (−), CK 7 (−), CK 20 (−), S-100 (−), CK 34βE12 (−), desmin (−), a-SMA (−), ALK-1 (−)MFS
Quimby et al. [22]72/FMaxillaA rapidly growing soft tissue mass in the posterior left maxillaPre-operationNOPeripheral giant cell granulomaPre-operative radiotherapy,surgeryUnknown
Pre-operationNOSpindle cell sarcoma
Kummoona et al. [23]35/MMandibleNumbness of the left lower lip of 2 months, mandilbe swellingPre-operationNOMFSSurgeryAlive after 24 months
Kargahi et al. [24]61/MMandibleThe fourth time of local recurrencePre-operationNOUnknownIncomplete resectionAlive after 10 months
Post-operationvimentin (+), S100 (−), CK (−), Ki67 (1%)MFS
Zouloumis et al. [25]23/MMandible2-months history of a swelling on the left side of the lower facePre-operationNOUnknownSurgeryAlive after 39 months
Park et al. [26]59/MMandiblePain of posterior left mandiblePre-operatioNOMyxofibromaSurgery, chemo-radiotherapyAlive after 12 months