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Table 4 Correlation of clinical and radiographic findings for control group

From: Clinical and radiographic evaluation of the Periodontium with biologic width invasion

Clinical parametersRadiographic parameters
Level of bone defectBone crest levelIntrabony componentHorizontal component
Plaque index0.1660.201−0.2830.0270.1560.2310.2310.073
Bleeding on probing−0.1220.348−0.0630.629−0.1310.314−0.0140.915
Probing depth−0.1070.4110.2220.086−0.1230.3430.1000.444
Clinical attachment level−0.1260.3330.2330.071−0.1410.2770,0750.564
Keratinized gingiva height−0.0650.6200.0880.498−0.0800.5410.1010.438
Keratinized gingiva thickness0.2470.055−0.2730.0340.2620.0420.0520.688
  1. The height and width of gingival recession did not run in this correlation due the low sample. Values in bold showing statistically significant difference (p < 0.05).