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Table 3 Summary of the risk of bias assessment

From: Do probiotics promote oral health during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances? A systematic review

Domain Benic [2019] [29] Gizani et al. [2016] [30] Habib [2016] [31] Kohar et al. [2015] [32]
1 Low Low Low Unclear
2 Low Unclear Unclear Unclear
3 Low Low Low Unclear
4 Low Low Low Unclear
5 Low Low Low Low
6 Low Low Low Low
7 Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
Summary Low Low Low Unclear
  1. Domains examined: 1: Random sequence generation 2: Allocation concealment, 3: Blinding of participants and personnel, 4: Blinding of outcome assessment, 5: Incomplete outcome data, 6: Selective outcome reporting, 7: Other potential threats to validity