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Table 2 Summary of the main population characteristics of the eligible studies

From: Influence of glide path kinematics during endodontic treatment on the occurrence and intensity of intraoperative and postoperative pain: a systematic review of randomized clinical trials

Author, year, and countrySample (n) and sexMean sample age and range (years)Types of teethInclusion criteriaStudy groupsOutcome measure
Pasqualini et al., 2012. Italy [18].295 patients (+)42 (16–70)Single rooted and multirooted teethAsymptomatic irreversible pulpitis, symptomatic irreversible pulpitis, or pulp necrosis with or without apical periodontitisICR-GP (PathFile) andIIM-GP (Stainless-steel K-file)Postoperative pain
Analgesic consumption
Chen et al., 2013. China [32].88 teeth (+)+Molars and premolarsAcute or chronic pulpitis or periapical periodontitisICR-GP (PathFile + Reciproc), IICR-GP (PathFile + ProTaper), and IIIWGP (ProTaper)Intraoperative pain
Guo et al., 2014. China [33].80 patients (+)+ (17–60)First and second molarsPulp inflammatory diseaseICR-GP (PathFile, experienced physicians), IICR-GP (PathFile, unexperienced physicians), IIIM-GP (Stainless-steel K-file, experienced physicians), and IVM-GP (Stainless-steel K-file, unexperienced physicians)Intraoperative pain
Adıgüzel et al., 2019. Turkey [2].93 patients (43♀ 50♂)40 (20–65)Single-canaled mandibular premolarsAsymptomatic non-vital pulpICR-GP (One G), IIR-GP (R-Pilot) and IIIWGPPostoperative pain
Analgesic consumption
Keskin et al., 2019. Turkey [4].240 patients (137♀ 103♂)+ (18–60)Maxillary and mandibular teethAsymptomatic irreversible pulpitis, symptomatic irreversible pulpitis, symptomatic apical periodontitis or asymptomatic apical periodontitisIR-GP (R-Pilot), IICR-GP (ProGlider) and IIIM-GP (stainless-steel K-file)Postoperative pain
Analgesic consumption
Tüfenkçi et al., 2019. Turkey [34].88 patients (50♀ 38♂)40 (18–69)First and second mandibular molarsAsymptomatic irreversible pulpitisIR-GP (R-Pilot), IIR-GP (WaveOne Gold Glider), IIICR-GP (One G) and IVCR-GP (ProGlider)Intraoperative pain
  1. Superscript roman numerals mean group number; +Not mentioned by the author; ♀ Women; ♂ Men; M-GP manual glide path, CR-GP continuous rotary glide path, R-GP reciprocating glide path, WGP without glide path.