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Table 4 Linear mixed model for marginal bone changes as dependent variable and possible independent influencing variables and ‘patient’ and ‘implant number’ as random effects (the end model after selection process is shown)

From: Long-term apical bone gain after implant placement combined with internal sinus-floor elevation without graft

Variable Estimate 95% CI LB 95% CI UB P value
 Visit time (T0-T6) −0.0661 −0.1005 −0.0317 0.0004
 Baseline bone height −0.6672 −0.7864 − 0.5480 0.0000
 Visit time (TO-T6) −0.0451 −0.0774 − 0.0128 0.0063
 Baseline bone height −0.5436 −0.6757 − 0.4114 0.0000
  1. Legend: T visit time, CI confidence interval, LB lower border, UB upper border
  2. The non-significant variables were removed from the table in terms of clarity