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Table 3 Evidence of SDF parental preference category and recommendation strength

From: Parental acceptance of silver Diamine fluoride application on primary dentition: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Topic Recommendation Evidence Category Recommendation Strength
Tooth location (anterior vs. posterior) Parental preference of SDF in posterior teeth is higher than anterior teeth. III*** C^^^
Patient’s cooperation (cooperative vs. uncooperative) Parental preference of SDF use in anterior teeth for non-cooperative children is higher than in cooperative children. III*** C^^^
Follow-up Parental acceptance rate for SDF use increased with time. Ib* A^
Concentration No difference in parental acceptance between 12 and 38% SDF concentrations. Ib* A^
Taste, appearance, application, and amount of discomfort Most parents found the taste, appearance, application process, and amount of discomfort to their children acceptable. IIa** B^^
Instruction lecture before application of SDF^^^^ The group that received an instruction lecture had a lower resistance to SDF treatment compared to the non-instruction group. III*** C^^^
  1. Notes: This table is according to the recommendation system of Shekelle et al .[27]
  2. * Category Ib is evidence from at least one randomized controlled trial
  3. **Category IIa is evidence from at least one controlled study without randomization
  4. ***Category III is evidence from non-experimental descriptive studies, such as comparative studies, correlation studies, and case-control studies
  5. ^Class A is directly based on category I evidence
  6. ^^Class B is directly based on category II evidence
  7. ^^^Class C is directly based on category III
  8. ^^^^Only 1 study was available for the recommendation