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Table 1 Study protocol

From: Effect of concentrated growth factors on frequency of alveolar Osteitis following partially-erupted mandibular third molar surgery: a randomized controlled clinical study

Surgical Protocol
 •  Blood collection from patient
 •  Elevation of an envelope flap under local anesthesia
 •  Bone removal; tooth luxation and extraction; socket irrigation
   CGF group;
    • CGF fibrin gel placement in the extraction socket
   Non-CGF group;
    • Natural healing after extraction
 •  Wound closure on both sides
 •  Prescription of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory analgesic
 •  Providing postoperative instructions
Postoperative Follow-up Protocol
 •  Clinical evaluation on 3rd and 7th days
 •  In the case of AO development; Socket curretage, intra-alveolar dressing