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Table 1 Interview Questionnaire

From: Use of traditional medicine for dental care by different ethnic groups in New Zealand

1. What is your experience of TM in New Zealand
What do you consider to be TM?
What do you know about the TM?
2. Do you use any TM for dental/non-dental pathologies affecting the orofacial region? This can be from orofacial pain to oral mucosal diseases
If so what are they and what do they treat?
How long do you use it for?
3. TM can have lots of values and significance for people for different reasons. What are some of the reasons you use TM?
Why not?
What situation is TM used in? what situations aren’t
4. What are the ways that you access the TM?
How does this differ to when in NZ vs your home country?
What barriers exist to accessing TM?
How has access to TM changed over time?
Were there any changes in the use of TM after immigrating to New Zealand?
5. How do people in your community view traditional medicine?
How have others responded to your use of TM?
What is your experience of the health care professionals and TM?
How has this changed the way you use traditional or NZ medical systems?
  1. TM Traditional medicine