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Table 4 Types of conditions treated with traditional medicine

From: Use of traditional medicine for dental care by different ethnic groups in New Zealand

Conditions Current study Previous studies
Toothache Clove oil
Bark teas
Paw paw
Clove oil [2]
Peppermint [2]
Acalypha sp. Leave [18]
Mouth ulcers Watermelon powder
Salt water
Kawakawa leaf
Leaves from bell tree
Tree tea oil [2]
Watermelon frost powder [19]
Myrtle [20]
Gingivitis Salt water
Coconut oil
Boil the leaves of nonu tree and gargle
Coconut oil [15]
Ocimum sanctum 6% w/w [16]
Aloe vera mouthwash [17]
Nasal decongestion Chinese herbal spray
Lemon leaves
Uci plants
Moxibustion with Chinese herbal [24]
Lemon juice [25]
Acupuncture [26]
Teething Clove leaves None
Sore throat Salt water Pawpaw [18]
Thyme [21]
Temporomandibular joint pain Massage Eucalyptus tree [18]
Massage therapy [22]
Acupuncture [23]
Headache Chinese essential oil Chinese herbal concoction [27]
Hijama [28]
Head banding [28]
Neck pain Chinese herbal patch Chinese herbal patches [29]
Acupuncture [30]
Acupressure [30]
Cupping [30]