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Table5 Fear of dentists toward COVID-19

From: Assessment of knowledge and practice of dentists towards Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): a cross-sectional survey from Lebanon

Items Response
Yes n (%) No n (%)
Are you afraid to treat a suspected or confirmed patient with COVID-19 in your clinic? 309 (86.3) 49 (13.7)
Are you afraid of getting infected with COVID-19 from a colleague? 293 (81.8) 65 (18.2)
Did your assistant express his/her desire to stop work due to fear of infection with the Coronavirus 330 (92.2) 28 (7.8)
Are you afraid of the impact of COVID-19 crisis on dentists’ livelihood 343 (95.8) 15 (4.2)
  1. n frequency, % percentage