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Table 2 A summary of the average procedure time, energy and water usage, and the estimated usage time of instruments during each procedure. Units in minutes and kilowatt hours. Adapted from Duane et al. [25]

From: Environmental sustainability in endodontics. A life cycle assessment (LCA) of a root canal treatment procedure

Dental unit use by procedure type  
 Duration (mins) 180
 Water Usage (ml) 500
Machines used and rating Equipment usage
Per appointment type (mins)
kWh endo
Dental unit motor (400 W) 3 1.2
Dental light (30-40 W) 180 7.2
Unit screen (20-30 W) 0 0
Instrument light (2,5 W) 45 0.1125
Suction (9 kW) 45 1.875
Machines operated by compressor (9 kW) 60 9
   Total power consumed