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Table 4 Life cycle analysis results

From: Environmental sustainability in endodontics. A life cycle assessment (LCA) of a root canal treatment procedure

Impact Description Unit Impact Quantity
Resource use, energy carriers MJ 236.5688
Resource use, minerals and metals kg Sb eq 1.78E−05
Acidification molc H+ eq 0.07761
Freshwater ecotoxicity CTUe 7.9846
Freshwater eutrophication kg P eq 0.00174
Human toxicity, cancer effects CTUh 1.95E-07
Human toxicity, non-cancer effects CTUh 1.07E-06
Ionizing radiation HH kBq U235 eq 13.39523
Climate Change kg CO2 eq 4.90766
Marine eutrophication kg N eq 0.0083
Ozone depletion kg CFC-11 eq 1.10E-06
Photochemical ozone formation kg NMVOC eq 0.12424
Terrestrial eutrophication molc N eq 0.0554
Land use Pt 270.9849
Respiratory inorganics disease inc. 2.87E-07
Water scarcity m3 depriv. 4.64765