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Table 3 PCA of dental students’ perspectives toward TCC

From: Intention to provide tobacco cessation counseling among Indonesian dental students and association with the theory of planned behavior

Items Student’s confidence Favorable environment
I cannot determine a patient’s smoking history without being intrusive 0.452  
Patients do not expect TCC from a dental student 0.659 0.357
Patients do not listen to dental students during TCC 0.681 0.358
I am concerned that the message of TCC may alienate patients 0.708  
Giving unwanted TCC may upset the dentist-patient relationship 0.696  
Many tobacco-using patients do not have the motivation to quit   0.514
TCC is ineffective unless the patient has a related health problem 0.350 0.560
Clinical time is too limited to do counselling   0.756
There is no referral pathway for tobacco-using patients   0.763