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Table 3 Distribution of professionals’ answers on biosafety and dental care of HIV+ patients

From: Evaluation of oral care protocols practice by dentists in Rio de Janeiro towards HIV/AIDS individuals

QuestionsDistribution of answers (%)P value*
Women (n = 162)Men (n = 80)
YesNoDo not know/ MaybeYesNoDo not know/ Maybe
After accident with a sharp object:
- Would you be worried to be infected?> 0.05
- Would you be tested for HIV?> 0.05
Can dental professionals act as an intermediary for transmission of HIV?83.314.22.588.8101.3> 0.05
Can patients with HIV/ AIDS contaminate dental professionals?98.81.2091.38.800.007
Can needle stick injury transmit HIV?> 0.05
Are medical professionals more prone to cross-contamination?82.714.82.5858.86.3> 0.05
Can saliva be a vehicle for the transmission of AIDS?23.575.31.22076.33.8> 0.05
Is there a lot of HIV particles in the saliva of HIV/AIDS patients?14.264.8211566.318.8> 0.05
Is hepatitis B more communicable than HIV/AIDS?> 0.05
Can CPR in patients with AIDS transmit HIV infection?12.371.61617.576.36.3> 0.05
Do infection control methods for hepatitis B provide adequate protection against the transmission of HIV?77.8166.273.818.87.5> 0.05
Are there special dental clinics for treatment of HIV/AIDS patients in Brazil?22.819.857.43510550.044
Do all sterilization methods have cidal effects against HIV?59.936.54.97023.86.3> 0.05
Can HIV be transmitted through aerosols by handpieces?19.161.719.121.362.516.3> 0.05
Do the negative HIV tests surely indicate that the persons are free of viruses?4.9923.116.383.800.005
Is Western blot a definite test for HIV/AIDS diagnosis?26.528.445.14021.338.8> 0.05
Is ELISA a screening test for HIV infection?83.33.71376.36.317.5> 0.05
Is the specificity of the HIV tests 100%?> 0.05
  1. * Chi-square test. CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation