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Table 3 The mean and standard deviation (SD) of trabecular microstructure measurements analyzed using One Way ANOVA for different reconstruction voxel size

From: Effect of reconstruction parameters on cone beam CT trabecular bone microstructure quantification in sheep

Voxel sizenTrabecular number Tb.N (μm− 1)Trabecular spacing Tb.Sp (μm)Trabecular thickness Tb.Th (μm)Bone Volume/Tissue volume BV/TV %
76 μm350.01530.0070.57917.63882.0400.0956.82041.8320.13111.47838.2120.908
100 μm350.01680.00816.82042.2066.13501.96611.60228.817
200 μm350.02040.00714.47902.2304.35431.6769.64786.309
  1. *p < 0.05