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Table 3 Sociodemographic, oral health and medical characteristics of the participants

From: Validation of a modified version of the Spanish Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI-SP) for adults and elder people

 Mean (SD) or % (n)
Age (years)66.0 (4.8)
Women41.5 (39)
Married79.3 (73)
Smokers15.2 (14)
Educational level
University21.7 (20)
Secondary education37.0 (34)
Primary education41.3 (38)
Diagnosed with diabetes45.7 (42)
Diagnosed with hypertension43.9 (43)
ADD-GOHAI (score)43.8 (9.9)
SC-GOHAI (score)5.1 (3)
Self-perceived oral health
Excellent-very good7.4 (7)
Good42.6 (40)
Enough-Poor50.0 (47)
Frequency of tooth brushing
Once a day34.0 (32)
Twice or more times a day66.0 (62)
Frequency of visits to the dentist
Irregular34.0 (32)
Once or twice a year65.9 (62)
Present teeth (n)18 (9.2)
Missing teeth (n)10 (9.2)
Wearing a complete or partial removable denture39.4 (43)
Diagnosed with periodontal disease59.6 (56)
Probing depth (mm)2.36
Attachment level loss (mm)2.49
  1. SD standard deviation, ADD-GOHAI additive score of GOHAI, SC-GOHAI simple count score of GOHAI, GOHAI General Oral Health Assessment Index