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Table 2 Summary of results

From: A systematic review of the use of virtual reality or dental smartphone applications as interventions for management of paediatric dental anxiety

Authors Year Study design Period Study Participants Results in VR condition Dependent variables Conditions VR Equipment Dental Procedure
Al-Halabi [33] 2018 RCT Periop 102 6–10 year olds Tablet had best results in anxiety and pain Wong-baker faces, pulse, behavious (FLACC) Vs control vs tablet VR box and Av glasses IAN block
Aminabadi [34] 2012 RCT Periop 120 4–6 year olds SS decrease in pain and anxiety in VR group Wong Baker FACES, MCDAS Vs control VR eyeglasses Fluoride therapy then restorative treatment
Panda [35] 2017 RCT Periop 30 6–8 year olds SS less pain in VR group Faces pain scale (revised) Vs control Virtual reality smartglasses, detachable earphones Pulp therapy
Zink [36] 2018 RCT Periop 40 9–15 year olds with ASD, first visit SS decrease in number of attempts and number of appointments Number of attempts to acquire skill, total number of attempts, number of appointments to have dental prophy Vs control App: Autistic Child Goes to the Dentist (no VR) Dental prophylaxis