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Table 1 The clinical and radiographic criteria used to diagnose AA, CA and AAP

From: Thermography as a non-ionizing quantitative tool for diagnosing periapical inflammatory lesions

Clinical criteria Throbbing and pain to light pressure, biting, touching and percussion accompanied by tenderness to palpation and mobility of the tooth. Intra-oral and/or extra-oral swelling may be present Presence of a draining sinus on the oral mucosa or occasionally on the facial skin not usually associated with pain Spontaneous pain, extreme sensitivity to heat and cold, awakening at night and considerable tenderness to percussion and pressure on the tooth
Radiographic criteria No evidence of periapical changes or a slight thickening of the periodontal ligament space Periapical radiolucent area related to the apex of the tooth Widening of the periodontal ligament space and loss of lamina dura around the apex