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Table 1 Scheduling of events

From: Selective Caries Removal in Permanent Teeth (SCRiPT) for the treatment of deep carious lesions: a randomised controlled clinical trial in primary care

  Screening Baseline (initial treatment visit) At time of intervention/dental visits Annual Questionnaire 36 months Other
Assessment for eligibility o      
Informed consent   o     
Socio-demographic characteristics and eligibility for free treatment   o     
Clinical status (DMFT)   o     
Sustained tooth vitality    o   o o
Pulp exposure during caries removal    o    
Caries progression dental pain relief    o   o o
Patient satisfaction      
Oral health behaviours       
NHS perspective primary dental care resource use and cost    o   
NHS perspective use of other NHS services (GP, A&E etc.)    o  
Patient perspective unit costs of time and travelA       
Patient perspective costs (private care, NHS co-charges etc.)    
General population preferences      
Willingness to pay      
  1. ACosts of time and travel will be collected from a randomly selected subset of participants, across the different annual questionnaire time-points. Each selected participant will complete the questions once only
  2. o: Dental Practice-CRF
  3. : Questionnaire
  4. : Data linkage to routine administrative datasets, ongoing over trial duration, at the end of the study, and for longer term follow-up
  5.  DCE, administered once online to a nationally representative sample of the UK general population