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Table 2 Checklist items in the “Oral Medicine, Pathology and Radiology” theme

From: Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry (RAPID): an expert consensus-based statement

Topic Item number Checklist items Reported on page number
Patient information 1 Include information on the family and social history relevant to the syndrome or condition  
2 Report the prominent extra-oral and intra-oral features specific to the syndrome  
3 Include information on how the consent was obtained for using the tooth samples along with indication for extraction, except for de-identified samples  
Intervention 4 Include information on how the teeth or biopsy specimens were disinfected, stored or transported prior to use  
  5 Include information on the laboratory process of the testing method and include the commercial details of all the materials used in the testing  
  6 Include information on any special consideration taken to manage the behavior of the patient in relation to the condition  
  7 Report if any special precaution is required for dental management for the patient relevant to the condition  
Outcome 8 Include information on other similar conditions and how it varies from the condition reported  
  9 Report in the text, the most salient feature or area of importance of the reported image  
  10 Provide the salient features in the legend of the reported image