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Table 5 Checklist items in the “Behavior Guidance” theme

From: Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry (RAPID): an expert consensus-based statement

Topic Item number Checklist items Reported on page number
Intervention 1 Include information on the type of behavior guidance technique provided to the parent/caregiver  
2 Include information on the indications, risks, benefits, and alternatives of the behavior guidance technique of interest  
Assessment/Outcome 3 Include information on the people involved in behavior guidance (dentist, parent, nurse) and their role (active, passive) during delivery of the behavior guidance  
4 Include information on the settings for behavior management-private dental setting, public hospital, specialist pediatric dental setting, general dental setting  
5 Report parent’s/caregiver's and child’s perspectives on behavior guidance technique used, where relevant  
6 Report dentist's, parent's preferences and child’s preferences (wherever appropriate) of behavior guidance  
7 Report the experience or behavior of the child of previous dental visit, if applicable  
  8 Report the influence of the behavior guidance technique used or studied on the intervention, where relevant  
9 Report the dental anxiety, fear and/or behavior of the child included in the study using validated measures (Examples: Facial Image Scale, Dental subscale of children's fear survey schedule, Frankl’s behavior rating scale)  
10 Report any challenges (child’s/parent’s/operator’s level) encountered during dental treatment and care delivery pathway