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Table 6 Checklist items in the “Dental Caries” theme

From: Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry (RAPID): an expert consensus-based statement

Topic Item number Checklist items Reported on page number
Patient information/unit of analysis 1 Include information on the method of reporting dental caries and the criteria used (e.g. DMFT, DEFT, Prevalence rate etc.)  
2 Include information on age and population specific use of terminologies (e.g. Early Childhood Caries)  
3 Report classification of clinical and radiographical caries based on a standardized classification system (e.g. ICDAS etc.), where relevant  
4 Report the unit of analyses (e.g. the child, the tooth). Include information on how the analyses were performed considering possible clustering (e.g. more than one tooth per child, more than one child per school etc.)  
  5 Include information on risk factors such as the dietary and oral hygiene practices of the children included in the report, where relevant  
Intervention/moderators 6 Include information on the method used for caries detection (e.g. Visual, radiographs, laser etc.)  
  7 Report the category of risk using a caries risk assessment tool, where relevant  
8 Report the influence of caries risk on the treatment outcomes, where relevant  
9 Report individual and tooth-related factors influencing the intervention  
10 Include information on the rationale for management of dental caries based on standardized management system (e.g. ICCMS etc.), where relevant  
11 Include information on primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention strategies used in the study, where relevant  
12 Include information on topical and systemic fluoride intake including water fluoride level, if available  
13 Report compliance with interventions and quality of self-reported pre-study information (completeness of baseline diet history etc.)