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Table 9 Checklist items in the “Traumatology” theme

From: Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry (RAPID): an expert consensus-based statement

Topic Item number Checklist items Reported on page number
Patient information/unit of analysis 1 In reporting a case, report complete details of the trauma incident (when, where, and how)  
2 Report the level of consciousness using standardized assessment criteria (for example, AVPU Scale, Glasgow Coma Scale etc.) and cranial nerve assessment, where relevant  
3 Report any suspicion of non-accidental injury  
4 Report the reason for acquiring a specific diagnostic imaging modality  
5 If diagnostic images are not presented in the publication, report the findings and the reason for not reporting in the study  
Moderators 6 Report the time taken between the trauma and the provision of dental treatment  
7 For emergency visits, report duration of waiting, pre-medications, psychological state of child and parent at the time of examination, where relevant  
8 Report if the child has previously experienced dental trauma. If so, include the dental treatment the child has previously undergone and their level of dental anxiety  
Intervention 9 Include information on the rationale for treatment of specific traumatic dental condition  
10 Report whether the treatment protocol was followed according to evidence-based guidelines (specific to primary or permanent teeth)  
11 Report any acute intervention was provided following the trauma, including hemostasis, analgesics etc  
Outcome 12 Report if the trauma resulted in any referrals and subsequent evaluations