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Table 1 Hirose's conversational function evaluation criteria

From: Evaluation and comparison of oral function after resection of cancer of the upper gingiva in patients who underwent reconstruction surgery versus those treated with a prosthesis

  (A)family (B)other people
1. Can understand well 5 points 5 points
2. Sometimes does not know 4 points 4 points
3. Can understand if he/she knows a topics 3 points 3 points
4. Can sometimes understand 2 points 2 points
5. Can not understand at all 1 point 1 point
A + B
Excellent: 10–8 points can talk everyday, talk on new topics
MODERATE: 7–5 points conversation is possible if the topic is limited
Poor: ≤ 4 social language life is difficult
  1. Hajime Hirose, Guideline of Head and Neck Cancer. Japan Society for Head and Neck Cancer, 3rd edition, 169, 2018