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Table 2 Yamamoto’s occlusion table

From: Evaluation and comparison of oral function after resection of cancer of the upper gingiva in patients who underwent reconstruction surgery versus those treated with a prosthesis

Score Foods
1 Soup
2 Boiled rice, pudding, tofu
3 Rice, boiled fish, fish mince, tuna sashimi, skewers of eel
4 Steamed rice, roll boiled fish paste, kon-nyaku, sausage, ham, squid sashimi
5 Salami, beef steak, French bread, dry squid, millet brittle, scallop string, picked scallion, jellyfish vinegar, sea cucumber, vinegar dumpling, shellfish
6 Rice cake, peanut, rice cracker, pickled radish abalone
  1. Yamamoto T. The posterior artificial teeth position used for complete dentures cross-bite case. Practice in Prosthodontics 1972;5:395–400, Modification