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Table 3 MTF score

From: Evaluation and comparison of oral function after resection of cancer of the upper gingiva in patients who underwent reconstruction surgery versus those treated with a prosthesis

1. Method of intake

2. Time of intake

3. Foods

Only tube feeding

1 point

Tube feeding


A: water, tea

Combination tube feeding

2 points

MORE than 50 min

1 point

B: potage, rich liquid food

Invention of meal

3 points

40 min

2 points

C: jelly, paste food

Some restrictions

4 points

30 min

3 points

D: whole rice bowl, soft food

No limit

5 points

20 min

4 points

E: regular diet


10 min

5 points

*Score the number of food groups available

  1. Yasushi Fujiwara, et al. Journal of Otolaryngology of Japan 100: 1401–1407, 1997