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Table 3 Bacteria genera of human saliva microbiome core and their relationship with oral diseases

From: Core of the saliva microbiome: an analysis of the MG-RAST data

Gram staining Genus Relation with oral disease
Gram-negative Acinetobacter Oral squamous cell carcinoma [24]
  Delftia Geographic tongue [25]
  Dialister Sjøgren’s syndrome [26]
  Enterobacter Denture stomatitis [27]
  Haemophilus Squamous cell carcinoma [28]
  Moraxella Peri-implantitis [29]
  Neisseria Healthy periodontal conditions [30]
  Prevotella Periodontal disease [30]
  Pseudomonas Oral cancer [31]
  Ralstonia Periodontitis [32]
  Sphingomonas Recurrent aphthous ulcer [33]
Gram-positive Actinomyces Dental caries [34]
  Bacillus Dental caries [35]
  Corynebacterium Biofilm formation [36]
  Lactobacillus Dental caries [34]
  Micrococcus Lysozyme activity [37]
  Mycobacterium Dental infections [38]
  Rothia Dental caries [39]
  Staphylococcus Acute sialadenitis [40]
  Streptococcus Dental caries [34]