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Table 3 Distribution of root canals (n = 403), with respect to transitions of the investigated parameters (S, R, and D) and treatment outcome

From: Prognostic validity of the Periapical and Endodontic Status Scale for the radiographically assessed 2-year treatment outcomes in teeth with apical periodontitis: a prospective clinical study

Diagnostic parameters Positive treatment outcome, n Negative treatment outcome, n
Changed to better Remained unchanged Total Changed to worse Remained unchanged Total
Periapical lesion size, (S) 80 299 379 15 9 24
Periapical lesion relation with root, (R) 69 285 354 19 30 49
Periapical lesion location, (D) 67 319 386 15 2 17
Total*    350    53
  1. * “Total” denotes the transitions of the periapical status of the root canals based on all three parameters (S, R, and D), using the highest severity score to determine the treatment outcome. n, number of root canals