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Table 1 Survey questionnaire

From: Factors influencing international and U.S. dentists’ interest in advanced periodontal education: a pilot study

Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge and ability

Respondent Id:

1. Age in years:

2. Gender: 1 = Male; 2 = Female

3. Are you a graduate from an International dental school? 1 = Yes; 0 = No

4. How much educational loan/debt did you have prior to starting your residency in Periodontics?

(a) None (b) $50,000—$150,000 (c) $150,000—$250,000 (d) More than $250,000

5. Have you practiced dentistry before applying to a Periodontics Advanced Training Program?

6. If yes, for how long have you practiced dentistry?

7. Did you experience any of the following before attending advanced periodontal education program? You may choose more than one choice

a. Working as general dentist

b. Advanced training in general dentistry

c. Master’s degree or PhD. In related field

d. Research

e. None of the above

8. Have you done an externship/Fellowship in a Periodontics department prior to applying to the Advanced Periodontal Education Program?

Please respond to the statements below that represent preferred graduate program features associated with choosing advanced periodontal education; with a score on a scale of 1 to 5, [1 = Strongly disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Agree; and 5 = Strongly Agree]

9. I am familiar with the curriculum contents of this particular program that you are in currently

10. The program and faculty member reputation was important to me

11. Cost of attending the program was a significant factor to be considered for me

12. Location of the program counted for me

13. I look forward to Research opportunities in the program

14. I have special interest in Implantology

15. I had a good relationship with periodontal faculty while attending dental school

16. I want to improve my capabilities in performing periodontal surgeries

17. Advanced Periodontal education is one of the ways to obtain a license to work in USA

18. The exposure to periodontal procedures had built my interest in periodontics

19. I was interested in the Periodontology course in my dental school

20. What are your future plans after graduation? You may choose more than one choice

a. Staying in the US

b. Try for an Academic full time position

c. Join a private practice

d. Try for an Academic part-time position

e. Apply for further education

f. Practice in home country (International graduates only)