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Table 5 Final dental vulnerability scale

From: Dental vulnerability scale in primary health care: evidence of content and structure internal validity

Dimension Item No (0) Yes (1)
Overall Health Does your health keep you from doing any of you daily activities?   
  Do you have any movement difficulties?   
  Do you have any disease that needs monitoring?   
Oral Health Do you consider it important to take care of your mouth?   
  Do you believe that mouth diseases can be avoided?   
  Do you consider yourself responsible for your oral health?   
  Do you consider it important to have all the teeth in your mouth?   
Infrastructure Do you have a bathroom in your house?   
  Do you have electric power in your house?   
  Do you have running water in your house?   
  Do you have sewage collection at your house?   
Healthcare Services Are you familiar with the public primary care unit where you can visit?   
  Do you use a public primary care unit?   
  Are you accompanied by an oral health team?   
  Do you see the dentist without paying?