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Table 1 Plaque Index, Gingival Index and White Spot Lesions scales used for clinical evaluation

From: Effects of remote digital monitoring on oral hygiene of orthodontic patients: a prospective study

Plaque Index (PI) score
0 Absence of plaque in the gingival area
1 Slight deposit of plaque at gingival margin
2 Moderate accumulation of soft deposits covering less than half of the surface
3 Abundance of deposits covering more than half of the surface
Gingival Index (GI) score
0 Normal gingiva, no inflammation, bleeding or swelling
1 Mild inflammation, slight edema and color change; no bleeding
2 Moderate inflammation, redness, swelling; bleeding when probing
3 Important inflammation, marked redness and edema; spontaneous bleeding
White Spot Lesions (WSL) score
0 No visible WSL or surface disruption (no demineralization)
1 Visible WSL without enamel surface disruption (mild demineralization)
2 Visible WSL with roughened surface (moderate demineralization)
3 Visible WSL requiring restoration (severe demineralization)
  1. PI Plaque Index; GI Gingival Index; WSL White Spot Lesions