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Table 1 The clinical and MRI characteristics of patients (n = 12)

From: Application of first-order feature analysis of DWI-ADC in rare malignant mesenchymal tumours of the maxillofacial region

MR1 scan Sex Age Region ADC valuc (l0 3 mm2/s) Pathological and IHC
Patient 1 F 26 Zygoma 1.12 spindie shaped tumor cells and scattered in trabecular bone tissue and bone like matrix tissue; Ki-67 (10–20%), CK (−), SMA and CD99 (+)
Patient 2 F 40 Jaw 1.56 a large number of chondrocytes with obvious heteromorphism and bone septum; viaentin (+), S-100 and CK (−), Ki-67(60%)
Patient 3 M 56 Jaw 1.54 A large number of chondrocytes; S-100(−), Viacntin(+), CK(−), Ki-67(50%)
Patient 4 M 85 Neck 1.25 A large number of spindle cells arranged in bundles or vortices, and the cells were slightly deformed, with visible nuclei and mitotic images; viaentin (+), S-100 and CK (−), Ki-67(30%)
Patient 5 F 62 Jaw 1.36 A large number of spindle cells; Ki-67(10–20%), CK(−), SMA (+)
Patient 6 F 59 Jaw 1.55 a large number of chondrocytes with obvious heteromorphism and bone septum; viaentin (+), Ki-67(30%)
Patient 7 F 62 Buccal 0.56 Lymphoid hyperplasia; PCK(−), EMA(−), CD20(+), CD79a(+), PAX-5(+), CD3(−), CD38(+), CyclinDI(−), MUMl(−), CD30(−), CD 10(+), Bcl-6(−), Bcl-2(−), CD23(−), CD5(+), Ki67(70%)
Patient 8 M 85 Tongue 0.31 Lymphoid hyperplasia, destroyed lymphoid follicles structure; CD3T(+), BCL-6(−), BCL-2(+), CD 10(−), cyclinDl(−), CD79a(+), Pan-5(+), kappa(−), Ki-67(< 10%)
Patient 9 M 56 Parotid gland 0.37 Lymphoid hyperplasia with obvious heteromorphism; CD3(+), CD20(+), BCL-2(+), BCL-6(+), CD 10(+), Muml(+), PAX-5(+), CD79a(+), Ki-67(70 -80%)
Patient 10 M 67 Parotid gland 0.54 Lymphoid hyperplasia, tumor cells infiltrated glands in some areas, serous acini and adipose tissue display; CD20(+), CD 10 (+), CD3 partial cells (+), CD21 showed FDC network, BCL-6 (+), BCL-2 (+), CD38 germinal center positive (+)
Patient 11 M 13 Parotid gland 0.57 Lymphoid hyperplasia, CD3T(+), CD10(−), BCL-6(+), BCL-2(+), CD79a(+), Ki-67(40–50%)
Patient 12 M 40 Buccal 0.61 Lymphoid hyperplasia, CD3T(+), CD20(−), CD10(−), BCL-6(+), BCL-2(+), CD3 partial cells (+), Ki-67(20%)