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Table 1 The participant's allocation and treatment assignments

From: Comparative efficacy of BioMin-F, Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief and Sensodyne Rapid Action in relieving dentin hypersensitivity: a randomized controlled trial

Treatment arms No. of participants(N = 140) Group titles Treatments Active ingredients Treatment codes
Experimental 35 Group A BioMin F® Fluoro-calcium-phospho-silicates (FCPS) 1
Active comparator 1 35 Group B Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Pro-Argin™ with 8.0% arginine and 1450 ppm fluorides as sodium mono-fluoro-phosphate in calcium carbonate base 2
Active comparator 2 35 Group C Sensodyne Rapid Action™ 8% strontium acetate, 1040 ppm fluorides as sodium fluoride 3
Placebo 35 Group D Colgate® Total Sodium fluoride, sodium mono-fluoro-phosphate, dicalcium phosphate with 1150 ppm fluorides 4