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Table 1 Specifically designed questionnaire

From: Parental perception on oral health-related quality of life and dental features of ectodermal dysplasia and isolated hypodontia in children

1 What age was your child at their very first dental visit:
2 What first motivated you to bring them to the dentist?
3 Where did your child attend the dentist?
4 What concerned you most about your child’s teeth? Please Rank from 1–6 (1 being of most concern and 6 of least concern): Function; Speech; Reaction of other children; Reaction of other parents; Your child’s reaction (self-conscious); How the teeth look
5 In your opinion, has your child ever been self-conscious about their teeth? If yes, please specify at what age?
6 How many dental visits has your child had? Response options: Less than 5 visits/5–10 visits/10–20 visits/20 or more visits
7 Was your child cooperative for dental visits?
If you answered ‘No’, Why do you think your child was not cooperative?
8 Where did you get information about your child’s dental condition?
Did you receive enough information?
9 Please specify what additional Information needed:
10 If you could start from the beginning again, what would you change?