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Table 1 Behaviour change techniques and description

From: Development of a secondary school-based digital behaviour change intervention to improve tooth brushing

Technique Description
Information about health consequences (5.1) The CBS explained the effectiveness of fluoride toothpaste at improving oral health based on concerns of students i.e. appearance, social reasons, health reasons including reducing dental caries
This information was reinforced with the SMS
Goal setting (1.1) The CBS encouraged the students to decide to improve their brushing (intention development) through a personalised brushing plan
Problem solving (1.2, 1.4) The CBS helped students identify barriers and facilitators to tooth brushing and to develop personalised brushing plans (action and coping planning)
Instruction on how to perform a behaviour (4.1) The CBS included a video clip and factsheet to show students how to brush effectively.This is re-enforced through the SMS to develop self-efficacy
Action planning (1.4) The CBS involved detailed planning of what the student will do, including a definition of the behaviour, specifying twice daily tooth brushing for 2 min in terms of where, when and how
Prompts/cues (7.1) The CBS taught students to identify cues (associated with times of day and transitionary spaces) that can be used to remind them to brush their teeth
  1. The behaviour change technique codes are provided in brackets