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Table 2 Characteristics of the participants included in the final analysis

From: Healthcare avoidance: a qualitative study of dental care avoidance in Germany in terms of emergent behaviours and characteristics

Number of participants included in the final analysis n = 20
Thereof male participants n = 11
Thereof female participants n = 9
Average age of the participants 43.3
Average DMFT index adults 18- to 64- year- old 19.7
Average DMFT index seniors 65- to 70- year- old 23.3
  1. The values of the DMS V (2016) were used as a basis. In younger adults (35-to 44-year-olds), the caries index was 11.2, and in younger seniors (65-to 74-year-olds), 17.7. In our study, the range of younger adults was expanded to include all participants from 18 years up to and including 64 years of age in order not to omit any participants. For the younger seniors (65-to 70-year-olds), subjects were only included up to the age of 70, as our sampling criteria only reached up to this age