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Table 2 Intercorrelations (Spearman’s rho) between scales at Follow-up 1 and 2

From: Third-party toothbrushing is associated with a positive patient experience: randomized, single-blind, patient-centered analysis

Scale Wellbeing/ positive Wellbeing/ negative Pleasant sensations Negative sensations
Wellbeing/positive   −0.42 0.77 −0.18
Wellbeing/negative −0.40   −0.52 0.73
Pleasant sensations 0.68 −0.45   −0.45
Negative sensations −0.31 0.76 −0.50  
  1. Lower triangle: intercorrelations at follow-up 1; upper triangle: intercorrelations at follow-up 2. Wellbeing/positive: positive aspects of wellbeing; wellbeing/negative: negative aspects of wellbeing; pleasant sensations: pleasant experience of being brushed by a third party; negative sensations: negative experience of being brushed by a third party