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Table 1 Materials tested

From: Surface roughness and oxygen inhibited layer control in bulk-fill and conventional nanohybrid resin composites with and without polishing: in vitro study

Product Type Composition Filler % (wt-vol) Manufacturer Lot
Filtek™ bulk fill A2 Nanofill bulk fill Matrix: AUDMA, UDMA, AFM y 1, 12-dodecane-DMA
Filler: not agglomerated/not aggregated silica, not agglomerated/not aggregated zirconia, aggregated zirconia / silica compound, ytterbium trifluoride
76.5 wt-58.4 vol 3 M, ESPE, St. Paul, MN, USA NC74349
Tetric® N-ceram bulk-fill IVA Nanohybrid bulk fill Matrix: bis-GMA, bis-EMA, UDMA
Filler: barium silicate alumino glass, “isofiller” (prepolymer, glass and ytterbium fluoride), ytterbium fluoride and mixed oxides
76 wt-54 vol Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein Z02TBZ
Opus bulk fill APS A2 Nanohybrid Bulk Fill Matrix: UDMA
Filler: Nanofiller Photoinitiating-Advanced Polymetization System (APS). Inorganic load of silanized silicon dioxide (sílica), barium glass aluminosilicate
76.5 wt-58.4 vol FGM, Santa Catarina, Brasil 010,221
Opallis EA2 Nanohybrid Matrix: Bis-GMA, Bis-EMA, UDMA, TEGDMA.
Filler: The loads are a combination of silanized barium-aluminum silicate glass and nanoparticles of silicon dioxide, camphorquinone as photoinitiator, accelerators, stabilizers and pigments
79.8 wt-58 vol FGM, Santa Catarina, Brasil 171,120
Tetric® N-ceram A2 Nanohybrid Matrix: Bis-GMA, Bis-EMA, UDMA
Filler: Dimethacrylates, additives, catalysts, stabilizer sand pigments, barium glass, ytterbium trifluoride, mixed oxide and prepolymerized filler
81 wt-57 vol Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein Z022ZP
Filtek™ Z250 XT A2 Nanohybrid Matrix: BIS-GMA, TEGDMA, UDMA
Filler: Silane treated ceramic, Bisphenol a polyethylene glycol diether dimethacrylate
82 wt-68 vol 3 M, ESPE, St. Paul, MN, USA NE65758
Sof-lex System Finishing polishing sytem Aluminum oxide abrasive discs 3 M, ESPE, St. Paul, MN, USA NA38805