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Table 1 Associations between oral health literacy (REALD-30) and oral health literacy-related outcomes among Indigenous adults in Port Augusta; n = 468

From: Associations between Indigenous Australian oral health literacy and self-reported oral health outcomes

Oral health literacy-related outcomes Oral health literacy; mean reald-30 (se)
Use of dental services  
Reason for last dental visit  
   Problem 15.3 (0.5)
   Check-up 15.4 (0.7)
Oral health knowledge  
How many times do you think you should brush your teeth each day?  
   None or once 12.4 (1.0)*
   Twice or more 15.4 (0.4)
Do you think cordial is good or bad for teeth or gums?  
   Good 11.8 (0.9)*
   Bad 15.7 (0.4)
Oral self-care  
Do you own a toothbrush?  
   Yes 15.9 (0.4)*
   No 10.4 (0.9)
If yes, did you brush your teeth yesterday?  
   Yes 16.0 (0.4)*
   No 14.0 (1.0)
  1. *P < 0.05