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Table 5 Hazard ratios (95% CI) and p-values between treatment and non-treatment in brushing and non-brushing schools and between brushing and non-brushing schools

From: Caries preventive efficacy of silver diammine fluoride (SDF) and ART sealants in a school-based daily fluoride toothbrushing program in the Philippines

Groups comparison (n=surfaces)   Hazard ratio (95% CI) and p-value
Brushing schools   
SDF treated (n=288) versus non-treated (n=127) 1.16 (0.51-2.63) p=0.72
Sealants (n=301) versus non-treated (n=127) 0.12 (0.02-0.61) p<0.01
Non-brushing schools   
SDF treated (n=418) versus non-treated (n=544) 0.71 (0.45-1.11) p=0.12
Sealants (n=467) versus non-treated (n=544) 0.33 (0.20-0.54) p<0.001
Brushing versus non-brushing  
Non-treated brushing (n=127) versus non-treated non-brushing (n=544) 0.43 (0.21-0.87) p<0.02
SDF treated brushing (n=288) versus SDF treated non-brushing (n=418) 0.70 (0.38-1.27) p=0.23
Sealants brushing (n=298) versus sealants non-brushing (n=438) 0.15 (0.03-0.72) p<0.02