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Table 1 Effects of S. gordonii Challis on S. mutans transformation. S. mutans LT11,S. gordonii Challis, or their mixtures were transformed with pPGS749 in either broth cultures or biofilms. Data are the mean +/- standard deviations of two independent experiments. a S. mutans LT11/S. gordonii Challis

From: Virulence properties of cariogenic bacteria


Transformants (107 cells)





S. mutans

80.7 +/-44.5

347.4 +/-222.6

S. gordonii

1273.8 +/-402.3

2843.1 +/-1298.2

S. mutans + S. gordonii

4.3 +/-5.4/1017.2 +/-261.1a

0/2716.2 +/-974.8