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Table 1 Materials used in this study

From: Effect on enamel shear bond strength of adding microsilver and nanosilver particles to the primer of an orthodontic adhesive

Material Manufacturer
Bovine mandibular incisors Rocholl GmbH; Aglasterhausen; Germany
Palavit G® Heraeus Kulzer GmbH; Werheim; Germany
Microsilver™ BG-Med (particle size 3.5–18 μm) Bio Gate AG; Nuremberg; Germany
Nanosilver AgPure™ W50 (particle size 12.6–18.5 nm) ras materials GmbH; Regensburg; Germany
Discovery® brackets # 790-152-00 for tooth 35 Dentaurum GmbH & Co. KG; Ispringen; Germany
Transbond™ XT primer and adhesive 3 M Unitek Orthodontic Products; Monrovia; CA; USA
Ormco® etching gel Ormco Corporation; Orange; CA; USA
Zircate® Prophy Paste Dentsply DeTrey GmbH; Konstanz; Germany
Chloramine-T hydrate Sigma Aldrich Chemistry GmbH; Taufkirchen/Munich; Germany
Aqua B. Braun Melsungen AG; Melsungen; Germany