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Table 2 The Dental Health Menu (participants could select some or all of the advice options)

From: The effect of motivational interviewing on oral healthcare knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of parents and caregivers of preschool children: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled study

• If breastfeeding discontinue.
• Stop bottle feeding (switch to cup).
• Don’t give sugary drinks at night.
• Limit sweet drinks to mealtimes and try to give natural fruit juice instead of colas or other sweet drinks.
• Help to brush your child’s teeth twice a day (one of which should be at bedtime)
• Help to brush from behind your child.
• Use fluoride toothpaste (pea size amount)
• Limit sweet snack to no more than three times a day at mealtime.
• Use fruits and savoury snacks instead of chocolates and candies.
• Register child with a dental clinic.
• Take your child for a dental check-up and fluoride varnish treatment every six months.