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Table 4 Focus group topic guide

From: The effect of motivational interviewing on oral healthcare knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of parents and caregivers of preschool children: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled study

• After the group talk how confident were you in making any changes?
• Did any of the things we talked about help you to make a change? (If yes, what were they/)
• What did you find most difficult to change?
• What were the easiest things to change?
• What experiences did you have with tooth brushing or changing the type of feeding?
• Did any of you have to change from a feeding bottle to a cup? How was that for you?
• Did the talk feel different to any dental talks / advice you had before? (If so how?)
• Was the dental health menu helpful? (If so how?)
• What did you feel about the telephone follow-up calls (Were they helpful)?
• Overall how have you been managing with your child’s oral healthcare and are there any problems you are still having?