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Table 3 Genes with increased expression in the tepA2-deficient mutant in the presence of chloramphenicol

From: Characterization of a potential ABC-type bacteriocin exporter protein from Treponema denticola

Gene Gene expression fold change (KT-3 versus wild type)
TDE_0499 hypothetical protein 50.5
TDE_2748 acetyltransferase, GNAT family 30.0
TDE_0337 glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase 19.5
TDE_2214 hypothetical protein 17.9
TDE_0561 hypothetical protein 16.0
TDE_0614 precorrin-4 C11-methyltransferase 16.0
TDE_0506 DNA-damage-inducible protein J, putative 15.3
TDE_1848 hypothetical protein 15.2
TDE_0307 hypothetical protein 14.3
TDE_2378 ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein, putative 14.2
TDE_0259 transcriptional regulator, MarR family 12.7
TDE_1599 ABC transporter, ATP-binding/permease protein 12.5
TDE_0551 hypothetical protein 11.4
TDE_0820 transcriptional regulator, TetR family 11.3
TDE_1517 hypothetical protein 11.1
TDE_1692 hypothetical protein 11.1
TDE_0528 hypothetical protein 11.0
TDE_0475 ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein 11.0
TDE_2519 hypothetical protein 10.5
TDE_0231 DNA polymerase III, beta subunit 10.3
TDE_0382 hypothetical protein 9.8
TDE_2638 hypothetical protein 9.5
TDE_0375 ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein 9.4
TDE_1977 hypothetical protein 9.3
TDE_0748 iron compound ABC transporter, periplasmic iron compound-binding protein, putative 8.8
TDE_0426 bacteriocin ABC transporter, ATP-binding/permease protein, putative 6.1
TDE_2431 bacteriocin ABC transporter, ATP-binding/permease protein, putative 2.8