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Table 1 STAI tests

From: Effect of patient anxiety on image motion artefacts in CBCT

STAI-S (STAI Form Y-1) STAI-T (STAI Form Y-2)
1. I feel calm 1. I feel pleasant
2. I feel secure 2. I feel nervous and restless
3. I am tense 3. I feel satisfied with myself
4. I am regretful 4. I wish I could be as happy as others seem to be
5. I feel at ease 5. I feel like a failure
6. I feel upset 6. I feel rested
7. I am presently worrying about possible misfortunes 7. I am “calm, cool, and collected”
8. I feel rested 8. I feel that difficulties are piling up so that I cannot overcome them
9. I feel anxious 9. I worry too much over something that really doesn’t matter
10. I feel comfortable 10. I am happy
11. I feel self-confident 11. I have disturbing thoughts
12. I feel nervous 12. I lack self-confidence
13. I am jittery 13. I feel secure
14. I feel “high strung” 14. I make decisions easily
15. I am relaxed 15. I feel inadequate
16. I feel content 16. I am content
17. I am worried 17. Some unimportant thought runs through my mind and bothers me
18. I feel over-excited and rattled 18. I experience disappointments so keenly that I can’t put them out of my mind
19. I feel joyful 19. I am a steady person
20. I feel pleasant 20. I get in a state of tension or turmoil as I think over my recent concerns and interests